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You call people your friends and they talk about you like they know anything about you !

It’s as if at one point you hang out then the next they have something to run and talk about.

You can’t associate your own lack of experience and lack of get up and go to other people. Just because you’re not capable of doing something doesn’t mean someone else can’t.

Call me out. Don’t run my name in silence. Because friends don’t do that

The Definition of True Love

Just realized today how strong our relationship is 😳

Today we went thorough hell with the amount of shit that went on. People fabricating lies and trying to put an end to us…

Well what happened ? We come out of the cave stronger then ever. I’ve always known the love I had for her but it’s like today I realized true trust for my baby.

There’s no feeling in the world like this. You’ll always be mine and I’ll always be yours 😘❤️❤️

That is true love

I am probably one of the most complicated people to deal with.

I can go from calm, to flustered, to completely erratic in minutes.

I love way too much and I take way too little.

The thing is, this is who I am. There may be times when I pass on different things and stray off on my own. However, I always remain loyal. Of all the things you may question, don’t question my loyalty.

Being so unique in this way also shows how emotional and soft I can be. I always think about the feelings of others, and I try to pry people before myself. I’m not perfect though. I have selfish moments.

Don’t condemn me for my imperfections

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